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Ensuring safe and secure cargo handling

Loading, unloading and securing of cargo

Chripan Agency’s stevedoring team is specialized in handling all kinds of dry bulk products, general, palletized, project and heavy lift cargoes.

Our stevedore foremen, have the experience to efficiently conduct loading / discharging / lashing / securing / dunnaging of cargoes. 

The stevedore administrations given by our Agency's teams involve ordinary loading, grab discharge, taking care of of the vessels and holders by stationary and mobile harbor cranes. 

We never compromise safety of our people and security of cargo.

Supervising and safe operations


Appointed Supercargo surveyors' attendance may offer additional guidance ensuring the adequate stowing / lashing / securing / dunnage and welding operations. 


Stevedoring Services

Bulk cargoes


Our experienced stevedoring team make sure that all bulk cargo operations take place in a safe manner protecting both the cargo as well as the vessels at berth. 




Breakbulk cargoes


Breakbulk shipments invovle planning, especially in terms of cargo dimensions and vessel's hold capacilties. Our stevedoring team can guarantee a correct stowage and adequate lashing, securing, dunnaging operations upto Master's satisfaction.




Project cargoes


With meticulous planning on the safe transport of project cargoes, you can trust its safe